With effect from the 5th June 2006 no further “walk in” applications will be accepted by the Consular Section at the High Commission in London.

The High Commission have further advised that with effect from that date the following services will be received by appointment ONLY:

Please note that applications for other services not listed above can only be made by mail and this includes permanent residence applications.

Appointments have to be made seven working days before a persons visit to the offices of the High Commission.

Appointments can be made in any of the following ways:

The Consular office will confirm appointments, according to their website, and respond by either e-mail or return call or text message within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) of the request for an appointment.

By way of telefax on the High Commission’s telephone number at (020) 7925 8930/32.

The High Commission have indicated that they will shortly have an online web based appointment system.

Appointments can also be made in person when the applicant uplifts the forms from the Embassy and once the appointment has been set, the applicant will be informed accordingly.

We are still offering a free assessment of viability of all applications for temporary and permanent residence in South Africa at and in respect of South African citizenship matters at

We will continue to endeavour to keep you informed of all developments in respect of immigration and citizenship law as these developments happen. You are welcome to contact us be e-mail and/or telephonically with any enquiries you may have.

Julian Pokroy has been practicing immigration law as a specialist practitioner for his own account or in partnership since 1980 but has been involved in immigration law since 1970.
During this period he has served on the Immigrants Selection Board of the Department of Home Affairs from January 1993 to December 1996, served on the Parliamentary Task Group which drew the Green Paper on International Migration in 1996, is a member of the Immigration Advisory Board to the Minister of Home Affairs and has chaired the Immigration and Refugee Law Committee of the Law Society of South Africa since its inception and for the last five years has chaired the Law Society of the Northern Provinces Immigration, Nationality and Refugee Law Committee.”

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